Legacy Giving

For well over a century, the YWCA has been working hard to ensure that women and children have a safe place to turn when escaping violence and abuse. In the years ahead, we’ll be working as hard as ever to help achieve our vision of seeing all women and children thriving. You can be a part of this vision, not just today, but tomorrow, through your personal legacy.

By leaving a legacy gift (most commonly through a bequest in your Will) to the YWCA, you can help us build a better tomorrow. A tomorrow where women are free from violence, children grow up to have healthy relationships and our community grows stronger.

Legacy giving is also a powerful way to pass on your spirit of philanthropy to future generations and help communicate your values to the generations that will follow.

Choosing to leave a legacy is an important decision and it’s simple to do. Simply visit with your lawyer or advisor and choose to leave a percentage, the residue, a specific donation amount or any other asset.

If you have supported or are considering supporting us through your estate, please let us know.  This helps us plan for the future.

Planned Giving Options

Bequests – Gifts in Your Will

Life Insurance


If you would like more information about the types of legacy gifts, tax benefits of various gift types and recognition available, please contact us.