About Us

Why the YWCA?

As part of a national and international movement, the YWCA is a turning point in the lives of 25 million women and girls world wide.

We’ve provided life-saving, award-winning programs and services to more than 20,000 women and children escaping violence in our local community and our primary focus is on safety: immediate protection from violence and abuse.

To that end, every day of the year, every hour of the day, the YWCA is here.

image of girl sitting on a bench with her mother and baby brothers

Year after year, the need for our services continues to increase. Until the need for our services stops, neither will we.

The Right Time

Because the need to talk or flee doesn’t operate 9am-5pm, our free support and crisis line and shelters are available around the clock.

The Right Place

Whether it’s our shelters, our office, a restaurant or a friend’s house, the right place is flexible because every woman we serve is unique.

The Right Care

The needs of the women we support become more complex each year. Investment in training for our staff makes it possible for us to help women more effectively than ever before.

The Right People

At the heart of what we do are extraordinary people who work 
on the front lines (and behind the scenes) each day. They’re skilled, compassionate, dedicated and they believe in their bones that the women we serve can build new lives — even when those women themselves can’t see it yet.

From 24/7 crisis support and risk management to overseeing financial performance and providing sound management, together, our staff and board do it all.

At a glance, they are simply doing what needs to be done to ensure that women and children can sleep soundly and wake with renewed hope for their future. Through our eyes, they’re heroes. Every single day.

A Sound Investment

Our work changes and saves lives.  Every single dollar we raise is invested in our work.  And our return on investment is transformative.  You see, our success is measured by things like crises averted, risk managed, lives transformed and lives saved.

We take pride in ensuring we’re always improving, always being as efficient and economical as possible and always taking responsibility to manage ourselves prudently and with care to ensure donations and investments in our work do the good they were intended.

Our Vision

To see all women and children thriving.

Our Mission

To support the right of all women and their families to live free from violence, poverty and oppression as they build their desired futures.

Our Strategic Directions

  1. Life-changing programs and services for women and their families
  2. New possibilities through meaningful partnerships
  3. A strong and courageous organization
  4. Powerful stories to connect community

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