About Us

YWCA Peterborough Haliburton is an equity-seeking organization serving women throughout Peterborough and Haliburton County. As a member of YWCA Canada, we are part of a global movement dedicated to ending gender-based violence in all its forms.

Our Mission

To support the right of all women and their families to live free from violence, poverty and oppression as they build their desired futures

Our Vision

To see all women and children thriving

Our Work

We are committed to engaging with all women and children in a manner experienced as allyship. We see women and their children at their most vulnerable moments; thus, we are in position to offer an experience of trust, respect, and genuine care that has the potential to provide a key step towards healing. We take this responsibility seriously.

Our work is rooted in principles of intersectional feminism and anti-oppression/anti-racism, is trauma and violence-informed, person-centered and focused on harm reduction.

Our intention is to be as low-barrier as possible and responsive to women and their families in whatever ways they need us to be.

We aim to lift each other, and other women, up.

Our hope, grounded in our shared passion and intentional approaches, makes for a powerful force against gender-based violence. The journey is daunting at times and the road is long, but our sisterhood and our allies have a vision and a fierce, unwavering determination. We have been here for more than 100 years and we are ready to be here for as long as it takes to see this vision through.

Our Service Delivery Intentions

  1. Resiliency Building
    At all levels, we strive to help women and children to build an even greater capacity to endure challenging and traumatic life experiences with the least possible negative long-term impact.
  2. Relational Work
    We focus on relationships, seeing them as the primary agents of change.
  3. Intersectionality & Anti-Racism/Anti-Oppression
    We maintain awareness of the effects of entrenched systems of oppression and discrimination, and the various intersections that work to further complicate and reinforce them.
  4. Person-Centered & Feminist
    We are partners with women in pursuing their goals, recognizing that they know what’s best for themselves and their children. We are also committed to engaging in advocacy.
  5. Ease of Access
    We work to reduce and remove barriers, both visible and invisible, that women and children might experience when accessing our services.
  6. Trauma & Violence Informed Care
    We recognize that trauma is pervasive and changes how we feel, behave and interact with those around us.
  7. Harm Reduction
    We work with people without judgment, coercion, discrimination or requiring that they change (i.e., stop using drugs or leave the abusive relationship) as a condition of support.
  8. Engaging Children & Supporting Women as Mothers
    We believe that deliberate support and resources for children and their mothers is key to building resilience and to preventing future harm.
  9. Safety as a Priority
    We provide as much physical and emotional safety as possible through our work and recognize the impact of the violence, oppression and inequality faced by women and children.
  10. Evidence Informed
    We honour client experience and values, professional knowledge and expertise, and research evidence.

Our Strategic Directions

  1. Life-changing programs and services for women and their families
  2. New possibilities through meaningful partnerships
  3. A strong and courageous organization
  4. Powerful stories to connect community

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Our Partners

We are committed to working in partnership with other local agencies, so as to fill gaps in service delivery by leveraging existing expertise without duplicating work. We have a long track record of working collaboratively and offering leadership as we seek new opportunities that will benefit the community.

For examples of our current collaborations, please visit  START or Nourish.

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Our Multi-Year Accessibility Plan


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Your Privacy

YWCA Peterborough Haliburton respects your privacy and adheres to all legislative requirements with respect to protecting privacy. Personal information collected by YWCA Peterborough Haliburton from donors, members, and other supporters is used to process and receipt donations, to help us better understand our supporters, to provide information about YWCA program developments and activities and to ask for support of our mission to improve the lives of women and children. We do not sell, trade or rent our donor lists.

We protect your personal information through staff and volunteer training about privacy issues, the signing of confidentiality agreements by those who access personal information in order to perform their duties, the use of locked files, a secure computer system and the shredding of discarded personal information.