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Plan an Event or Community Fundraiser

Every year, friends in the community come together to help raise money for the YWCA by hosting a wide range of fundraising events. The proceeds from such events make it possible for our YWCA to continue offering life-changing services that help women and children safely escape gender-based violence and thrive.

Let’s get started!

Steps to planning your Event/Fundraiser:

  1. Determine the type of Event or Community Fundraiser you’d like to host and submit a completed YWCA Event or Community Fundraiser Form
  2. Begin planning your event. Start as early as possible – getting the word out in advance is key to the success of most events
  3. Please reach out to us if you have more questions or need to brainstorm
  4. Share your fundraiser on social media. Have fun – and make a difference!

We’re here to help

  • We’d love to help promote your event. Please get in touch as soon as you have event details.
  • The YWCA will, as often as possible, have representation available to attend a portion of your event.
  • The YWCA will include your event on our website, social media and will update staff and volunteers.
  • Generally speaking, the revenue raised (or a portion of it) minus the expenses is designated to the YWCA.
  • The YWCA name and logo is only used in advertising to state that the YWCA is the designated recipient of the event proceeds. For a copy of our logo, please contact our Communications Manager.
  • The YWCA is not able to issue tax receipts other than for donations made payable directly to YWCA Peterborough Haliburton.
  • Please download our YWCA Event or Community Fundraiser Form for more details.

Inspiration/event ideas

Athletic Challenge

Ask friends and family members to support you in completing a set number of km’s to hike, flights of stairs, jumping jacks, sit-ups, etc.

Skill Share Challenge

Collect donations and help others learn a new skill. Host an online yoga or meditation class, exercise routine, cooking class, etc.

Host a Sale

Bake cookies, make bracelets, sell favourite seeds or plants from your garden.

Dedicate your Day

Invite loved ones to make a donation instead of purchasing gifts in celebration of your birthday or special milestone.

Get Together

Spend quality time among friends while supporting a worthy cause. Get creative by inviting guests to your game night or dinner party.

Ticketed Event

Organize a ticketed event (e.g., black tie dinner, concert, gala, garden tour, art show, performance, theme party, food fair, etc.)

Rally Your Colleagues

Plan a fundraising event at your workplace and encourage your colleagues to pitch in. Ask your employer to match your efforts or challenge another department/branch.

Host a Cause Related Marketing Campaign

Arrange a point of sale fundraising initiative at your business or encourage your employer to donate a portion of sales/commission during a given period of time.


Donating or fundraising in honour of someone you love is a very special and meaningful way to give thanks while helping others at the same time.

Many thanks to all those who offer their time and skills in support of women and children in our community!

Get in Touch

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705-743-3526 x123