The truth is the need for our services continues because too many women and children are living with terror and helplessness as you read these words — a national reality that isn’t fair or right.

image of beautiful two year old girl, being held in her mother's arms

As our front line work becomes more challenging, year after year, the women and children we serve need you more than ever. That’s because while the demand for our services is increasing, the support we receive from the government and other agencies remains flat or is decreasing.

With you by our side you can help us bridge this gap so we can make it possible for women and their children to begin each new day knowing they are safe and that the abuse they’ve experienced is truly a part of their past.

Whether you choose to become a monthly donor or make the commitment to join our Turning Point Partners or want to work with us to make a major investment in our work, your support makes it possible for women and children escaping abuse to experience an end to their nightmare – bruises healed, hearts mended and futures set free from fear.

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