Peterborough-Area Mother Of Teen Sexual Assault Victim Livid That Man Convicted Of The Crime Is Now Out On Bail

by John McFadden, Kawartha411 |

A Peterborough-area mother is both scared and furious that a man, convicted last year of sexually assaulting her teenage daughter in 2019, is out on bail while he appeals the verdict. In order to protect the identity of the young victim, we will not be publishing the name of either the victim or the man who was found guilty of sexual assault and sexual interference with a minor.

After an appeal was filed, the man was released on bail late last year despite his serious convictions.

While speaking with Kawartha 411, the mother made it perfectly clear, she cannot understand how and why a man convicted of two horrendous crimes against a youngster, can be granted bail after his conviction, whether he has appealed or not. (Read more…)