Paula Pepping wearing a bright yellow coat, standing next to YWCA Haliburton County's street sign on a snowy day

Giving the Gift of Safety for 22 Years

The Highlander | Lisa Gervais |

Cleaning out her files during her last week with the YWCA Peterborough-Haliburton, Paula Pepping is coming across cards from some of the “many, many, many” clients she has worked with during a 22-yearcareer.”

I have had some lovely cards from women saying how grateful they are for our support because it’s not just me. We’re a team,” Pepping said in a Feb. 12 interview.

She started her community development work in 1998 with The Women’s Safety Network. They provided outreach to abused women with two part-time staff. The office and resource centre was in Haliburton and a community-built emergency house was located behind the Dysart et al fire department.

With no ongoing permanent funding, they had to close the emergency house and Pepping was involved with the transition that would eventually come under the YWCA umbrella and lead to the development of the Haliburton Emergency Rural SafeSpace or HERS in Minden. (Read more…)