100 Women Peterborough

100 Women Peterborough select YWCA to receive $10,000+ in first meeting of the year

On April 8, the 100 Women Peterborough group held their first meeting of the year and heard pitches from 3 local charities – Kawartha Montessori Bursary Program, Rotary Environmental, and YWCA Peterborough Haliburton. Tina Thornton, our Director of Philanthropy, had the opportunity to present to members and share about the impact of our work in the community.

YWCA is incredibly honoured to have been selected as the recipient charity this month after winning the vote from a majority of members. Their members will be donating a collective total of $10,000+ to the YWCA in support of our programs and services that help women and children fleeing gender-based violence.

“On behalf of all the women and children we serve at YWCA Peterborough Haliburton, I’d like to extend our utmost gratitude to 100 Women Peterborough for selecting us as the beneficiary for their first event of the year,” said Tina Thornton. “It was truly an honour to share our mission with some of our community’s most dynamic women, and we are so proud to be part of a city and region that clearly demonstrates its caring and commitment toward helping people in need.”

The generous donations from 100 Women Peterborough will support the YWCA’s core programs and services, which helps thousands of women and children each year as they deal with the impacts of gender-based violence and abuse.

Last year that included over 6,000 nights spent at Crossroads Shelter; almost 1,300 client contacts for the Court Support program; about 350 clients in our Outreach Support program; and more than 3,000 support and crisis calls by phone and text.

Our key services also include the START program, which gives women access to over a dozen community support agencies through a centralized meeting; our Women’s Well-Being counselling and peer support program; and providing basic necessities and food for women and children staying in our safe spaces.

Rosalea Terry, a founding member of 100 Women Peterborough, said: “It’s incredibly moving to witness the collective effort of women in our community rallying together to support the vital cause of the YWCA. Our membership’s unified support is not only powerful but also a testament to the strength of our community’s solidarity.”

We thank each and every member of 100 Women Peterborough for their kindness and community spirit of giving back.