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Women’s Centre of Haliburton County

We’re here to listen, to help a woman see her own strength and to provide resources that will help her find safer ways of moving forward in her life.

Transition Support

We offer free, confidential support to women who are concerned about the health of their relationship or are planning to leave an abusive situation:

  • support by phone or in person with flexible meeting arrangements at safe locations throughout Haliburton County
  • safety assessment and risk management
  • accompaniment Court Support for Criminal and Family Court matters
  • accompaniment to appointments and case conferences
  • housing information (rent-geared-to-income/social housing, market rent and referrals)
  • transportation to appointments
  • emergency transportation to safety
  • support and information about navigating systems such as: Ontario Works and Ontario Disability, Family Court and Criminal Court, and Children’s Aid Society
  • information to help better understand the effects of violence and trauma, both on women and children


We offer individual counselling for women who are seeking support for issues relating to trauma, abuse, historical or recent sexual violence that may be impacting them and their relationships.

This is a joint program through the YWCA and the Women’s Health Care Centre of Peterborough Regional Health Centre.

Family Law Information & Support

Virtual Legal Clinic

In partnership with Luke’s Place, we arrange and offer support for women to have a web-based meeting with a Family Law Lawyer with knowledge and sensitivity to the needs of women fleeing abuse.

Family Law Lawyer

A Family Law Lawyer attends the Women’s Centre and can provide women with information. We can also offer women a list of Family Law Lawyers and provide a 2 hour free Legal Aid Form for women who want to secure a lawyer to help them with Child Custody and Access, Human Trafficking or Immigration matters.

More Information about our Women’s Centre

We encourage you to contact us directly on our business line, 705-286-1942, or our support and crisis line, 705-286-6442, or email For after hours inquiries or referrals, please call 1-800-461-7656.