YWCA Walk a Mile in Her Shoes raises $103,028 for Crossroads Shelter

KawarthaNOW |

The 11th annual YWCA Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event has raised $103,028 for the YWCA Crossroads Shelter, exceeding this year’s goal of $95,000.

Organizers of the 2019 fundraiser announced the total on Tuesday (June 18) at YWCA Peterborough Haliburton on Simcoe Street, joined by lead event sponsors and prize recipients.

Image of YWCA Walk a Mile in Her Shoes supporters holding pillows to present this year's fundraising achievement: 1593 Safe Nights at Crossroads Shelter

The funds raised by this year’s YWCA Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, held in Peterborough on May 24th, will support 1,593 “Safe Nights” for women and children fleeing abuse.

A Safe Night represents the $64.65 cost of housing and supporting a woman or child at the shelter for one night, including a private room, 24-hour confidential onsite support, nutritious meals, supportive programming, and more. This is the cost beyond funding provided by the government, which only partially funds the shelter. (Read more…)