YWCA – Helping women safely create change

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When a woman finds the courage to listen to her heart – that voice inside that knows what she’s living with is not okay – the YWCA is here.

Here to answer her call in the middle of the night, to help her navigate the complicated systems that lie ahead, to meet her in a safe place so she can create a plan – whatever she needs to safely create change.

Why is this so important? Because gender-based violence costs women their lives: a woman in Canada is murdered every 2.5 days, more than half of whom are murdered by male intimate partners.

YWCA is here to support every woman’s right to live free from violence and abuse.

You are not alone.

“We walk beside a woman for a period of time, look at the world from her perspective and remind her how far she’s come so she can clearly see what she’s walking towards.”

Who we are

Since 1986, the YWCA has been a trusted source of safety, resources and support for women in Haliburton County. From counselling, to accommodation, to Family Law information and more, the YWCA offers free, confidential, women-centred services to help women and their children safely escape abuse and move forward in their lives. (Read more…)