Saying Farewell to Lynn Zimmer

A message of thanks from YWCA Board President, Neera Jeyabalan

“Every now and then, we have the good fortune to cross paths with someone who changes us for the better, forever. Lynn Zimmer is one of those people and getting to know her has changed who I am in a profound way, in a way that will be everlasting.

It has been a privilege working side by side with Lynn in my role as YWCA Board President. Her energy, her humility and her courage, even when things get tough, are inspiring and have shown me what good leadership looks like. Lynn has this gift of knowing that when you care so deeply for something, you have to keep caring and keep doing it. That’s what she has done, for more than 40 years, for women and for the violence against women movement.

It will be a huge adjustment without Lynn at the helm of our YWCA, but she has left a great organization and has cultivated great minds.

Remarkable women like Lynn don’t let retirement stop them from remaining remarkable. We will remember her accomplishments with great honour and great love, knowing that future remarkable accomplishments continue to lie ahead.

Thank you, Lynn, for all you have done for women and children in our community, and for us as well. We will carry the torch and hope to make you proud.”

For 35 years, Lynn Zimmer led the evolution and growth of the YWCA as Executive Director and was the impetus for many innovative new services that help women and children thrive. Learn more about a new initiative in Lynn’s honour, the What’s Next?’ Fund – A Tribute to Lynn Zimmer.