Responding to High Demand within a Challenging Housing Climate

Crossroads Shelter

Lack of affordable housing in our community has meant that residents and staff at Crossroads Shelter experience very limited affordable housing options as they work together to rebuild lives. When our Transition Support Workers are challenged to help women and children access safe and affordable housing, stay times at the shelter become longer. This also means that to accommodate the urgent needs of a woman in crisis, Crossroads Shelter staff have had to find creative ways to provide beds and safety when a woman’s life depends on it – even at full capacity. As a result, our occupancy rate for the first 3 quarters of this year stands at a staggering 102%.

Image of mother warmly embracing her young daughter

Crossroads Shelter has provided Safe Nights to 65 women and 34 children over the past 9 months. But these numbers don’t accurately reflect the urgent need in our community. In order to respond to the growing need for women to access crisis support, our 24 hour support team has responded to more than 2,554 support and crisis calls in this same 9 month period.

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