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Healthy Relationship Quiz

Have you ever been in a relationship with a friend or significant other (someone who is your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, friend with benefits, etc.) that didn’t always feel right?

Our relationships can be fun, exciting, and rewarding, but sometimes they can become unhealthy. And while we cannot give you the answers to all of your questions, we can help you answer whether or not your relationship is healthy – and that’s a pretty great place to start!

Take the Quiz

Is your relationship healthy? Let’s find out: Healthy Relationship Quiz

The Healthy Relationship Quiz is produced by YWCA Canada in consultation with girls and young women across the country, with content and language reflective of how youth are seeing and experiencing dating and relationships today (pictured below is a downloadable resource).

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When we hear the word “relationship”, we often think of romantic relationships, but we also have relationships with our friends, family, teachers, coaches, and co-workers. Relationships are a big part of your life so it’s important they’re healthy ones!

Do the quiz to help you see the signs of a healthy vs. unhealthy relationship so that you can know when to work on it or leave it. Remember that working through the bumpy parts of relationships may be hard and awkward, but it is part of taking care of yourself. It’s important to remember that an unhealthy relationship can happen to people of any gender, age and sexual orientation.

Safety Tips

Our romantic relationships and friendships start somewhere. Here are some safety tips for becoming involved in both:

  • Be assertive in what you are and are not comfortable with. Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Keep safe and meet in public places for the first few dates or double date! Restaurants, the movies, or a park, are all great date ideas. Stay safe, even if you already know this person through school or a friend.
  • Let someone you trust know where you are going and when you expect to return.
  • Have a backup plan to get home: if you have a phone, make sure it is charged. Have your own money in case you need to take a bus or taxi (310-TAXI) quickly. Have a friend, parent or someone you trust on standby to pick you up. Or, consider using an app for a ride service that is attached to a bank card or credit card.
  • While we are not responsible for the actions of others, keeping our drinks in our hands and being aware of how much we are drinking are wise things to do.
  • Use your smarts! If something doesn’t feel right, always trust your instincts.

Wait – What is Consent?

Giving “consent” is when you agree, by your own choice and not out of fear, pressure, or guilt, to participate in sexual activities like penetrative or oral sex, foreplay, and even kissing! If someone does not give consent, for example they say “no”, or do not answer, or have taken drugs/drinking, if the sexual activities are continued it is assault which is a serious crime. It is important to remember that even if you said YES in the beginning, you and the other person can say NO / STOP at any point.


If you have questions about your relationship or what you can do to help keep yourself safe, please contact our administrative office at 705-743-3526 or info@ywcapeterborough.org.
If you need help right away, call or text our 24 Hour Crisis and Support Line (Call 1-800-461-7656 or Text 705-991-0110) anytime, day or night for support and information.