The Importance of Safe Nights

When women and their children are able to escape abuse and spend the night in a warm, secure place, something wonderful happens: they sleep without fear.

And when this same security and support continues to exist, as it does around the clock at YWCA Crossroads Shelter, women and their children can begin to heal.

Image of sleeping mother, embracing her sleeping child in her arms

Safe Nights at YWCA Crossroads Shelter can change a woman or child’s life. By providing everything they’ll need, one night at a time, together we can help women and their children rebuild their lives.

What Does 1 Safe Night Include?

1 Safe Night at YWCA Crossroads Shelter costs $64.65 (beyond what government funding provides) and includes:

  • the physical safety of a warm, private room
  • 24 hour confidential, onsite support
  • nutritious meals
  • supportive programming
  • fresh linens, clothing and personal care essentials
  • resources and referrals to other community supports
  • 3 month’s post-shelter support … and more!

What Safe Nights Mean to Women and their Children

Give Safe Nights Today

You can give the gift of Safe Nights at YWCA Crossroads Shelter by making a donation today: Give Now

Our shelters receive only partial funding from the government and rely on donor support. To learn more about how you can help save and change the lives of women and children in our communities, please contact us.