a small child wearing a pink long sleeve shirt holds her mother's hand

Our Journey of Care

At YWCA Peterborough Haliburton, we provide so much more than a safe space for women and woman-identified people to recover from gender-based violence.

The Journey of Care wrap-around support model provides each woman with support and guidance on her journey from fear to safety, from trauma to healing, from control to independence, so that she can live the life of her choosing, on her own path to thriving.

The process takes time, with many starts and stops, roundabouts or points of entry. Much like a tree that grows and provides shade, the Journey of Care is flexible and organically supports a woman on her path, regardless of her chosen destination.

The YWCA Journey of Care

The graphic shown above is intended to be a visual representation of the journey a woman goes through on her path from fear to safety.

  • At the root level, you will see several of the entry points that a woman may have when seeking assistance from the YWCA – a crisis call, the START program, or entering our shelter or safe space.
  • Midway up the trunk of the tree, we have safety planning, which is integrated into each one of the services we offer.
  • Then the tree branches out into all of the different programs, services, resources, and support systems we can provide to women and children. This is a helpful visual to show that we offer much more than a shelter and safe space – we believe that women need more to support their recovery, assistance with rebuilding her confidence and independence to move forward.
  • You will also see two roundabout symbols, which represent that the journey of recovering from violence and abuse is non-linear and unique to every person; we want to emphasize that there is no shame or failure in going back to one of the root entry points or taking a detour along the path.

Our hope with the Journey of Care model and visual is to help the community understand our services more deeply and to see the connections between each of our locations, programs, and resources.

Much like any road we travel, a woman’s journey through healing will have ups and downs, stops and starts, and changes in direction. At the YWCA, we aim to support a woman in the way that works for her. We believe in her and her choices, and that she is the only one who can choose her path.

Click here to download a full-page poster with the Journey of Care visuals: