Holiday Gift Program

This Holiday Season, we’re asking for your help in providing the things women need, today and year round, as they take courageous steps to escape abuse and rebuild their lives.

graphic image of mother and daughter touching noses, beside the words "hope" and "love"

2018 YWCA Wish List

$100 Holiday Sponsorships – a seasonal gift for a woman or child staying at Crossroads Shelter

  • includes 1 Safe Night ($45.96) + a small, personalized gift + special holiday meals/treats (tax receipt available)

$45.96 – Safe Nights – a life-changing gift for a woman or child, whenever the need arises

  • includes everything a woman or child will need while staying at Crossroads Shelter: physical safety, emotional support, nourishing meals and more! (tax receipt available)

Supplies for women and children (new items only please) – a practical gift for women and children seeking support from the YWCA

  • Gift Cards in denominations of $25: Presidents Choice, Canadian Tire, Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart are preferred
  • Ideas for Women: winter coats, boots, clothing, underwear, bras, slippers, bath robes, pajamas, bathing suits, running shoes, flat dress shoes, alarm clocks, note books, purse-size agendas, unscented body wash, shampoo, conditioner and deodorant, pocket radios, towels, face cloths, hair brushes, ear buds, Sudoku or word search books.
  • Ideas for Children: baby bottles, soothers, diapers size 4-6, winter coats and snow-pants, shoes and boots, bathing suits and educational toys.

Your compassion and generosity – this time of year, and all year long – makes an incredible difference in the lives of families we serve! Thank you.

To learn about current needs for HERS (Haliburton Emergency Rural SafeSpace), please contact Tina MacFarlane at 705-743-3526 ext. 123.