START – Support Team for Abuse Response Today

We provide coordinated access to free, confidential services for women experiencing violence and abuse. Whether you’re ready to leave, or just have questions about your relationship, START can help.

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When you come to START on a Monday morning, you’ll only need to tell your story once to our START Coordinator. She’ll then connect you to all of the skilled and compassionate service providers ready and waiting to help you.

Our Free Confidential Services Include:

  • Safety planning
  • Nursing assessment
  • Medical information
  • Family court information
  • Admission to safe shelter
  • Information about making a police report
  • Counselling
  • Children’s Aid support/advice
  • Applying for social assistance

Partnering Agencies:

Our START program relies on donor funding for its operation.  As government and other agency funding is decreasing the demand for our services are increasing. To find out more about how you can bridge this gap and help save and change the lives of countless women and children in our communities, please contact us.