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The Haliburton County Echo – March 7, 2017 – by Lynda Shadbolt

I had no idea that my sister was suffering. She had been divorced for a couple of years and had started to go on dates again. The year was 2004 and she had met who we thought was a really nice man. We had met him several times. He came across as kind and full of life. He liked her two boys. He had an excellent high level job in the provincial government of British Columbia. He came to our house and we are good judges of people (we think) and we were happy for them. She decided to quit her full-time job, sell her house and move herself, her boys and dog across the country to start a new life with this man in Vancouver. And all was great for the first few months. They did lots of exploring of British Columbia and they all settled in. Their world was all about them getting used to living together and creating their new life. (Read more…)