Month: October 2019

How do you change the world?

Lynn Zimmer did it with a note on message board, a lot of hard work, and a sense of hope in humans and their capabilities by Glen Herbert “I’m very practical,” says Lynn Zimmer. “I’d reached the point where I just felt very tired of having to be angry about everything all the time. I…read more

Fall 2019 Newsletter

Our community’s collective compassion has led to brighter futures for single mothers, spaces where girls can confidently hone their leadership skills, opportunities for families and neighbours to connect over food, and safer transitions for women and children fleeing abuse. Our hearts are full, sharing the many ways YOU’VE helped make life better over the past…read more

Trinity Congregation Transforms Local Lives

Homeward Bound Peterborough, an innovative wrap-around program that provides vulnerable single mothers with opportunities to gain education, secure employment and build a better future, first captured the imagination of Trinity United Church Congregation in 2016. As the program turned from a dream into a reality, the congregation’s original plan to provide funding for the furnishings…read more

Saying Farewell to Lynn Zimmer

A message of thanks from YWCA Board President, Neera Jeyabalan “Every now and then, we have the good fortune to cross paths with someone who changes us for the better, forever. Lynn Zimmer is one of those people and getting to know her has changed who I am in a profound way, in a way…read more

Stronger Together

While many people don’t think of themselves as having the means to make a difference, a gift in a will often allows individuals to leave a larger gift than would be possible in their lifetime – and the collective impact of these gifts can be truly transformative for women and children. Debra Clarke (pictured above),…read more

‘What’s Next?’ Fund – A Tribute to Lynn Zimmer

The ‘What’s Next?’ Fund is an initiative spearheaded by the friends and family of YWCA Peterborough Haliburton to commemorate Lynn Zimmer’s brilliant career, to celebrate her transition to the next exciting phase of her life and to ensure that women in our community will have brighter and more independent futures for years to come. As…read more