Month: September 2019

More women seeking help from YWCA

Haliburton Echo | Women have been seeking help in greater numbers in Haliburton County over the last year. During the Take Back the Night march in Haliburton on Thursday, Denise Morton-Sayles, a counsellor at YWCA Haliburton gave a speech to the group assembled in Head Lake Park. She said from 2017-2018 to 2018-2019, they “saw…read more

Community leaders in Peterborough have message for non-voters

Peterborough This Week | Groups are pushing to get people informed and out to the polls this October. While public debates have their place in election cycles, a group of organizations in Peterborough are trying something different to improve political engagement. Care. Hope. Vote! is a campaign and web resource being launched by 19 organizations…read more