2017 Impact Report

We think it’s incredibly special when someone who used our services lets us know how it all turned out.

Because while we work with thousands of women and children each year, that work typically remains quiet and confidential. Often, even our front-line staff don’t know how life changed for the women they’ve supported.

This year, our Impact Report is strengthened by the voices of women who recently reconnected with us to say, “YWCA staff saved my life and I’m ready to share my story.”

Each voice offers unique insight into how we do our work and how your investment helps create meaningful change in our community.

As you read this year’s report, know that you too are part of Erica, Maisie, Wendy and Georgia’s stories. Your support has touched thousands of lives, creating changes that will be felt for generations to come. Thank you!

Image of 2017 Impact Report cover, featuring women's faces with the words "courage", "determination", "strength", "ambition"


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