Join Our Youth Council

Sharpen your leadership skills with causes YOU care about! Our Youth Council is a group of youth and women (age 14-29) who meet once a month for fun outings, to create e-portfolios, to meet Women of Distinction and to plan YWCA Day events showcasing women’s history, culture and heritage.

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Think Big

Chat with peers about subjects such as Violence Against Women, Gender Equality, Racism, Reproductive Rights, Body Image, and much more. The Council is a safe space to have open dialogue about topics that are relevant and important to youth in our community.

Look Back

Discover and honour community leaders by taking part in local excursions that celebrate Canadian history and female trailblazers in our community. Gain insight from guest speakers chosen based on the group’s interests.

Start Small

Plan and run a community action day of your choice with the assistance of the project coordinator.

Participants will receive credit toward high school community involvement hours, have fun, enjoy snacks and lots more! (There is no cost to participate.)

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TBLBSS is possible with support from:

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