START – Support Team for Abuse Response Today

The START program offers women a place to turn when they don’t know what steps to take next.

image of young woman, resting her chin in her hands, with squiggly chalk arrows above her head, pointing to the words "YWCA: the perfect place to START"

START’s hub design allows women to quickly gather reliable information from as many as 12 local agencies at one central location (YWCA at 216 Simcoe Street) every Monday, in order to make better-informed decisions based on their personal situations.

START also helps ease the chaos women and children experience in the aftermath of a separation by connecting mothers with income supports, housing information and counselling services right away.

All services are free and walk-ins are always welcome.

Our Free Confidential Services Include:

  • Safety Planning
  • Court Support
  • Nursing assessment
  • Counselling
  • Admission to Crossroads Shelter or HERS
  • Information about making a police report
  • Children’s Aid support/advice
  • Applying for social assistance
  • And much more.

Women have access to any and all services, based on their individual needs.

Partnering Agencies:

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Our START program relies on donor funding for its operation.  As government and other agency funding is decreasing the demand for our services are increasing. To find out more about how you can bridge this gap and help save and change the lives of countless women and children in our communities, please contact us.